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I have had a tumultuous relationship with food since my childhood

Before I began tracking my macros, I reflected and thought about how I got to this place – a place where I’d look in the mirror and be caught off guard by the reflection staring back at me, I was suddenly unrecognizable to myself. I was bigger than I ever had been and realized I needed to address my thoughts about nutrition, which at the time, were non-existent.

Carsen Mata
FOD Fitness & Nutrition Coach

After my doctor wanted to

After my doctor wanted to put me on diabetes medication and high blood pressure medication I decided I needed to get a hold of my health and fitness.

Since then I have tried all kinds of diets and eating regiments. However, none have really been sustainable nor conducive to performance. As a coach at Great White CrossFit, I have a responsibility not only to be an example, but to make sure I do not promote unhealthy fads. Thanks Jon for showing me the way.

Jadihel Rodriguez
1 Year with FOD
Metabolic conditioning endurance

Tara, Great White Crossfit

As a college student, I wouldn’t have dared touch a weight. I was all cardio, all the way! But since starting Crossfit five years ago, I’ve gone from lifting 45lbs in front squats to 185lbs in squat cleans! I now do 2 hour of training a day and this year (2018) I dominated in a RX division competition and took home first place! I also competed in Miami at Wodapalooza. I started working with Jon six months ago and haven’t looked back. He’s taken my athletic performance to whole new heights.

Thank you, Jon, for all your support and guidance!!!

6 Months With Jon
Favorite Result: Lifting heavier weights!!!

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