“Competition is what drives athletes to become great and the fear of defeat can push someone beyond limits that they never knew were possible.”

– Jon Bevacqua


“I have been an athletic trainer in the fitness industry for as long as I can remember. I believe that fitness is non-negotiable and my approach to health incorporates dynamic workouts and dietary support for overall wellness. I started my journey with CrossFit in 2011 and I’ve never felt stronger or had as much endurance as I do today. Coaching an athlete to achieve this level of fitness is one of my greatest passions.

Competition is what drives athletes to become great and the fear of defeat can push someone beyond limits that they have never known were possible. My personal training and nutrition programs will help you attain strength, endurance, agility and flexibility to compete at a competitive level.

Since 2011, I’ve acquired my Level 1, CrossFit Strongman and CrossFit Kids Certifications. There is no limit of the amount of knowledge one can learn about the body and how to increase athletic performance. Not only do I help my clients train regularly to help them get stronger but I also take the time to understand their goals and needs in order to help them succeed.

If it doesn’t challenge you then it doesn’t change you.”


Jon has been training and competing at an elite level of Crossfit since 2011 when he began his certification.



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I have had a tumultuous relationship with food since my childhood, but like many people, failed to realize it until very recently. As a kid, I ate copious amounts of fast food and probably enjoyed more sweet treats than the average child should. In my family, food equated to happiness and as I got older that inherited ideal never died. Into my teenage and collegiate years, even as the intensity of my volleyball training ramped up, I continued to eat for fun and ignored the idea of eating for fuel.

Before I began tracking my macros, I reflected and thought about how I got to this place – a place where I’d look in the mirror and be caught off guard by the reflection staring back at me, I was suddenly unrecognizable to myself. I was bigger than I ever had been and realized I needed to address my thoughts about nutrition, which at the time, were non-existent.

In a panic attempt to clean up my lifestyle, I turned to counting macros for the first time at the tail end of June, 2017. I remember receiving that first template from my nutrition coach and the feelings of intimidation, self-doubt, and utter defeat began to set in. Read more…
If this internal struggle and the fear of a challenge sounds all too familiar to you, it’s because – at first, it IS scary. It’s because everyone out there selling a path to your “ideal body” fails to mention just how hard you have to work in order to get there. Conversations about consistency, sustainability, and discipline for the long-run are left out.

This is where I come in. I’m here to have those difficult dialogues with you. If you’re willing to put in the grunt work, I’m honored to share my knowledge, firsthand experience, and overall passion and excitement for this journey. My approach is centered around striking a balance for what’s right in YOUR life, because simply put, this is not a “one-size fits all” deal.

At Fear of Defeat, we never expect perfection from our clients, instead – we only ask for honesty, openness, and the willingness to challenge yourself.


  • Pursuing Level 1 Precision Nutrition Certification
  • Former Division I Volleyball Athlete
  • Enjoys Crossfit, Olympic Weightlifting, and Hot Yoga.



  • NY Emmy award winner
  • Hiked all over the north east including the tallest peak in the east, Mt. Kitaden
  • Couldn’t do 1 strict pull up when I started CrossFit
  • Ran NYC Marathon

Dan brings a lifetime of his own experiences with yo-yo dieting and exercise. He grew up athletic but always a few pounds too heavy, he dreamed of six pack abs and the confidence to go along with them.

In 2011 he found Crossfit to stay in shape and then found local Crossfit competitions and in that a new passion. He was not a gifted athlete and about 5 years into this journey he hit a major plateau and realized that he needed to work on his nutrition as well as his workouts. After trying almost every diet out there gaining and losing weight he finally started his work with Fear of Defeat and counting macros. This was the missing piece in the puzzle, after a month his recovery time shot way down and his energy way up. Now over two year into his fear of defeat nutrition plan he have stood on the top of a Masters competition podium and has scored in the top 2% in the world in the Crossfit Masters Open.

Along his journey Dan realized that his passion was not only to become the fittest version of himself, but also use his experiences to helping others to do the same. Thought his ups and downs he has a learned a lot and is now getting his certification with Precision Nutrition. He looks forward to helping many others reach their goals.


Chris has been training since his high school days where he was a multi-sport athlete. Transitioning into college he was fortunate enough to train with the Men’s Football Strength and Conditioning Coach at Penn State. While there he began to understand the fundamentals of a proper strength and conditioning program. Upon graduation, Chris worked in the corporate world in the greater Philadelphia Area until a promotion moved him to New York City. It was within that relocation that he discovered CrossFit and began to develop his passion for coaching others. Since then Chris has achieved his CrossFit Level 1 and CrossFit Level 2 certifications. He is actively pursuing his CrossFit Level 3 Certification. Chris has coached and programmed for individual clients previously within the training career.

Chris believes that a balanced nutrition regiment and well-rounded fitness program is the key to long-term health and wellness.


  • Pursuing Level 1 Precision Nutrition Certification
  • Former Division I Volleyball Athlete
  • Enjoys Crossfit, Olympic Weightlifting, and Hot Yoga.


Growing up Nicole was always active, starting soccer in the first grade and learning how to ski and fish even before that. Nicole continued to play through middle school, high school and all four years in college at Ramapo College of New Jersey. There she earned the title of Captain in her Junior and Senior year, as well as, many NJAC All-Conference awards.

Nicole started CrossFit in the summer of 2013 and has not stopped since. In the fall of 2015, a senior in college, she was invited to try out with a competitive team in NYC at CrossFit Spot to take a shot at making Regionals. The team finished one spot out of qualifying for Regionals that year which lit a fire in Nicole to train harder for the following year. She ended up qualifying for Regionals with her team, Coliseum Strength, the two following years. Nicole’s individual stats for The CrossFit Open was placing 37th (2017) and 31st (2018), in the North East Region.

With fitness always being apart of her life, good nutrition was always a priority as well. Nicole tried many different diets which always went nowhere in her beginning years of college. In 2015, after studying in Spain for a semester and gaining 20 pounds, she was introduced to counting macronutrients to lose that weight before preseason in August. She lost the 20 pounds, and had never felt more energetic and healthier going into preseason. She fell in love with counting macros and has made it her lifestyle ever since.

Nicole has a full-time corporate job, trains 2-3 hours a day, and manages good nutrition, so she understands the challenges that come along with work, life, and social events. Good nutrition has become such a passion for Nicole, that she couldn’t think of anything better but to help other people better their lives and reach their goals with good nutrition!


  • Pursuing Level 1 Precision Nutrition Certification
  • Was an intern at The New York Red Bulls Soccer team in Harrison, NJ
  • Two-year CrossFit Regional Athlete
  • Studied in Valencia, Spain for 5 months during College and traveled around Europe
  • Enjoys Fishing, Hiking, CrossFit, and Skiing
  • Loves lifting heavy in training 😊



  • CrossFit Level 1
  • Functional Bodybuilding 101
  • Pursing Precision Nutrition Level 1
  • Wodapalooza 2017 Athlete
  • Granite Games 2018 Athlete

I am a former Division I Swimmer, who made the leap into Functional Fitness in 2013. A full-time engineer, who sees fitness through a lense of breaking down obstacles. How can you take something complex, and break it down into it’s simple parts to build something great. My passion for fitness lies in its universal scalability. My programming follows the most basic principles of Mechanics, Consistency, then Intensity. Everyone is on their own journey through health. How I make sure you are getting fitter every day?


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